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Our Detailed Engine Rebuilding Process

At our workshop, we pride ourselves on our rigorous process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability for your air-cooled engines. From initial inspection to final testing, we take every step necessary to deliver exceptional results.

1. Inspection and Estimation
  • Complete engine disassembly
  • Initial inspection and evaluation
  • Comprehensive report and cost estimate
2. Clean Room Rebuilding
  • Engine rebuilding in a dedicated clean room
  • Cleaning and inspection of reusable parts
  • Confirmation of new parts to VW spec
3. Auxiliary Component Inspection
  • Examination of engine auxiliaries for reuse
  • Cleaning and replacement of components
  • Installation on the rebuilt engine
4. Rigorous Testing and Setup
  • Hot and cold testing on a test rig
  • Carburetors and ignition system setup
  • Final adjustments for turnkey engines

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