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Established in Central Scotland for six years, we bring 30 years of engine-building experience to the table. We construct engines for various vehicles, including Beetles, vans, beach buggies, trikes, light aircraft, and industrial applications.

As a VW enthusiast using a split-screen van for daily driving, we have 60,000 miles of engine development under our belt. All engines are built using parts, specs, and knowledge gained from personal experience with the van.

Having built over 100 engines and stripped more than 300, we are the only exclusive air-cooled engine builder in the area. We specialize in engine-related work and stock every component necessary for engine services.

Took my VW t2 200cc camper engine into Paul in four boxes in bits with all my problems the only guy with the patience to do the job at his busiest time of the year he still took the job as parts hard to get at these times he got my engine the best it's ever been can't wait to see it in my camper thank you Paul.

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